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Looking to Relocate?
Moving your family to another town or state is a major event in your life!
Interested in moving yourself? If not, can help with your relocation.

We are affiliated with some of San Diego’s top Realtors, it's their job to know this area inside and out, and to make your transition as smooth as possible.

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Types Of Estimates: Understanding the Terms

Binding: The mover offers a guaranteed price, within a small percentage of deviation, that is based on a complete list of items to be moved and the type of service performed.

Non-binding or hourly rate: This is not an estimate at all, only a price list. These rates are based upon the movers' previous experience of jobs similar to yours.

Not to exceed: This quote is binding only on the mover. The final price for the move cannot exceed the estimate figure; but if the move comes in under the estimated amount you pay the lesser price.

The best estimate that you can get is the "not to exceed" estimate. Like binding estimates, "not to exceed" estimates are based upon an accurate and complete list of items that you expect to have moved. However, the "not to exceed" estimate gives you a little bit of leeway if you happen to decide on bringing extra items with you on the day of the move. Keep in mind that if the extra items exceed the "not to exceed" estimate, you will be charged more. However, if the final bill comes out to be lower than the estimate, you pay the lower price and nothing more. strongly recommends that you ask your mover to offer this one to you. Get it in writing.

One thing to look out for when dealing with a "not to exceed" estimate is if the movers see that the job will cost more than they anticipated, they may cut corners on the packaging of your items. Despite the fact that you have provided all necessary and truthful information about your items, they may have misjudged the estimate; after all they are human. They might provide your furniture, etc. with minimal wrapping and hope for the best.

Insurance for any type of move is essential. By law, the movers must provide you with insurance. Get the best coverage for your items, depending on what they may be. Movers will provide you with minimal coverage. For example, for a broken television that weighs 40lbs, at a rate of 60 cents per pound, the most you will receive is . Only items with damage visible to the naked eye will be insured. Internal problems with electronics will not be recognized under the minimal coverage. See the different types of insurance available.

"Not to exceed" estimates are very popular for long distance moves, but not so for local moves. Long distance moves are mainly based on weight and distance; time isn't as much of an issue, whereas with local, time is everything. Typical problems such as heavy traffic and bad weather prevent local movers from offering you this type of estimate.


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